OASH celebrates International Women’s Day through 3D Street Art Painting

The Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment launched its 3D Street Art on March 8, 2012 as its way to celebrate the International Women’s Day. UP Vice-Chancellor Melania Flores and Prof. Rosario De Santos, together with some students, employees, and faculty members, led the ribbon cutting ritual for the street art located at the AS-CAL road.

Street painting activity has always been part of the advocacy and awareness-raising campaign tools of the OASH. This time, however, the partner artists of OASH, the Guhit Visual Arts Group spiced it up by employing the 3D art technique on street art painting. With the university’s theme, “Kababaihan: Aming Seguridad, Seguruhin”, the street art aimed to promote awareness on gender-based violence and climate change. The art details conveyed the message of having the women, the men and the LGBT community to get out of the box of violence and the cracks of climate change.

3D street arts are best appreciated in pictures. See photos below.

The artists of Guhit Visual Arts Group