Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment

        Each constituent university shall have an Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment (OASH). The OASH shall be directly under the Office of the Chancellor. It shall be headed by a Coordinator.

        The OASH shall:

1.) design and implement a continuing program of activities and initiatives for the prevention of sexual harassment;

2.) undertake information and educational activities to ensure that the University policy, rules, regulations, and procedures on anti-sexual harassment are disseminated and become part of academic culture;

3.) formulate procedures of such nature as to elicit trust and confidence on the part of interested parties in resolving problems arising from cases or incidents of sexual harassment, including counseling and grievance management;

4.) coordinate security and support measures to aggrieved parties or victims in sexual harassment cases;

5.) serve as the secretariat of the ASH Council and Hearing Committees and act as custodian of records;

6.) prepare and submit an annual report to the Chancellor of the University;

7.) monitor the implementation of decisions/orders of the appropriate disciplining authority; and,

8.) perform such other functions which this Code and the Chancellor may delegate.

Prof. Teresa Paula S. De Luna, PhD

• OASH Coordinator
• Faculty, College of Arts and Letters

Remedios P. Mondiguing, PhD

• Gender and Development Consultant

Prescilla D. Tulipat, RGC

• University Extension Specialist III

Janet A. De Leon, RSW

• University Extension Specialist I

Rizza Mae G. Narvaez, LPT

• University Research Associate I

Maria Cristina V. Bernabe

• Administrative Aide VI

Dawn Betina Bernabe

• Graduate Assistant